I have had the honour of attending  families during their pregnancy, birth and after baby is born.  I also facilitate groups session and online prenatal classes. I'd love to share their points of view and how my contributions were of benefit to their experience.  These kind words have brought me to tears and I am grateful and in awe of their births and transition into parenthood. 

Jayme T. Utah USA

I just finished the 6 week my powerful birth program with Michelle and I just want to speak to what a great opportunity it was. Michelle was empowering and encouraging. She helped me to clarify what was important to me and helped me to set powerful intentions to create the birth I wanted. I’m so grateful for people like her who believed in the birth I wanted and supported me along the way. I had an autonomous homebirth, with the assistance but not the interference of a hands off midwife who guided me but did not prevent me from doing what felt right to me. It was the only time in my life where the voices of fear and self doubt were quiet and I trusted fully in my body and intuition. I’m proud of the birth I created. I felt supported and powerful, and safe to be surrendered and vulnerable.

Jill and Josh Stanton 2018

Laura N.  Sept 2016

You were always by my side. Never judged. Never got frustrated. You were my personal cheerleader and kept me going through the toughest day of my life (but most rewarding!).  Kind, easy to communicate with, down to earth. You were also very respectful of our wishes which we appreciated. (My husband) especially was a little apprehensive about the idea of getting a doula. There can be stigmas attached...such as 'they are too hippie or anti Western medicine'. However, you definitely proved that that is not always the case. You were open and upfront with your suggestions but left the table open for us to ultimately decide.

Fay W. Sept 2016

Michelle is a gifted facilitator who leads from her heart. She brings genuine caring, compassion and openness to her groups, creating a safe place for participants to speak their truths. Her wisdom and insights are like a soothing balm that offers comfort and solace regardless the degree of loss and pain.  I highly recommend Michelle's healing energies for generating balance, peace and greater hope in life.

Margaret Y. June 2016

I had the wonderful pleasure of having Michelle as my post partum doula recently. She immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease in her presence.
She provided lots of helpful advice and different perspectives on my newborn from sleeping to eating based on her many experiences.  Most importantly she helped me to trust my parenting instincts. She has an amazingly positive attitude. And provided reassurance and emotional support when I needed it.
During the haze of the first few months, I was able to rest or get some errands done knowing that my baby was well taken care of. Michelle was also able to do some house work and help prep dinner. Without asking she did lots of little things that i was just too exhausted to think about!
I highly recommend Michelle as a post partum doula!

Christina T. May 2016

My experience working with Michelle really was phenomenal and unforgettable. I don't have many words that can truly describe how incredible this woman is, and how she changed my life. She was the back up doula for my original who had fallen ill. I hadn't ever met Michelle, but the moment she walked into the bathroom where I was labouring and feeling helpless... She immediately got to work, it was like magic. She talked me through each contraction, and helped me escape to a little world I built in my head.
I even somehow got some sleep!!!
Her passion for her work is so empowering, that you feel empowered too. The energy she has is so positive, comforting, and powerful that you could meet her for the first time and feel like you've known her forever. Which is exactly what happened in my experience. Being a doula definitely comes naturally to her, and I HIGHLY recommend her services. I don't even feel comfortable calling what she does a "service", because with my experience, it was completely life changing. I couldn't have made it as far as I did without her.

Helen W.  Feb 2016

Michelle was amazing! We are so glad that she was a part of our birth. Having her there made things much easier for my husband, because she was able to translate the situation in a way he could understand when he became overwhelmed. She also helped him be there for me when he wasn’t sure how to. Michelle was ready with ideas to help make labour more comfortable whenever I became overwhelmed and supported all my decisions. She also helped me to weigh the pros and cons for all the decisions I made. She is incredibly knowledgable about birth and provides excellent resources.

Olivia D. Oct 2015

We are so grateful Michelle was able to join us for our prenatal meetings and be present at the birth of our son! Our daughter immediately connected with Michelle and we were sure that she would be a great addition to our birth team. We found her suggestions for videos and books to be extremely helpful in preparing ourselves and our daughter for labour. Her recommendation to visualize the birth I wanted was the best advice anyone could have given me. It gave me confidence for a successful home VBAC (HBAC).

On the day I went into labour, Michelle was extremely helpful. She prepared the room, made suggestions for my comfort and participated in the huge clean up. All the while she also spent time with and cared for our daughter! She helped make our home birth such a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any women who would like support for her pregnancy, labour and birth. We wish Michelle all the best in her career as a doula and we look forward to seeing her again (if we have another baby!).