YOU ARE A COUPLE WHO IS  UP TO 32 WEEKS PREGNANT... (and located anywhere)

.. and you realize that you don't know as much as you want.  You hear the horror stories and search the web for the right answers only to feel more upset and lost as to what choices to make and you turn to your doctor for guidance and feel brushed off or not heard.  You are a partner and you want to support the mother of your child and you feel as though you are not the pregnant one so you  just let her make all the decisions.

.. the more you think about it, the whole idea is so overwhelming that you decide to GO WITH THE FLOW not realizing  you have a 30-50% chance (or higher!) of having your baby through a cesarean surgery and you have given up all your power to others.


Most pregnancy classes give you information and expect you to watch listen and learn.  You  may attend the class in person, or watch videos online.    These are fine for families that don't have alot of questions and don't want to build on the relationship with their partner.  There is a BIG difference between being taught about birth,  and Discovering what is right for you, your partner and your baby!


Here you get to release your fears and gain your confidence.  You will gain clarity on what is right for YOU and you will have support along the way.  You can transition into parenthood feeling supported, having your village and know that you are in control.  


You must be willing to willing to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new options.
You must be willing to commit to your health and happiness.
You and your partner are ambitious with your work, your play and your connection.


This is a 6 week program where we will dive deep into what you want you want your birth to look like and why it's so important to plan powerfully for life as a parent.  
During this program you and your partner will become clear on what choices are right for you, without fear or pressure.  We will  increase your confidence and give you a foundation to making the right decisions for you and your unique pregnancy.  We will build you a village and give you rest and confidence after your baby arrives.   You and your partner will support each other  in preparing for a powerful birth and know that you are in this together.

Much of what you will discover, in this program is that you have a deep ingrained knowledge of what is right for you, and after you learn a bit, you have more questions... all of which adds to your confidence in what is right for you.  I know you are ready to enter Parenthood stepping into a bigger game in life, all which involves transformation and love!  And I am sure, I can help.  

If you want to discover if this would be a great partnership at this time in your life, you need to book a FREE discovery call!