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Functional Care Providers

Acumamas Vancouver
Fiona Lampman Gathered Roots New Westminster

Mainstreet Chiropractic Vancouver
Optimum Chiropractic Port Moody

Kim Vopni the Vagina Coach at Rocky Point Wellness

Lacation Consultants  
Brittney Kirton  Life Stages Feeding Vancouver
Roxanne Farnsworth A Conscious Beginning Tricities

Natasha Asselstine Registered Holistic Nutritionist (mention my name for a discount)

Placenta Services
Monarch Mothering Michelle Peltier

Prenatal Classes
My Powerful Birth

Conditions for Pregnancy or Birth

Undisturbed Birth  
Hormones are your friends  Dr. Sarah Buckley

3rd Stage of Birth
The 3rd Stage of Labour - Dr. Sarah Buckley
Podcast 3rd Stage with Sarah Buckley (appx 23 minutes in the talk about cord traction)
30 Minute Third Stage
Department of Midwifery 

The Curse of Meconium Stained Liquor
INDICATIONS FOR DISCUSSION, CONSULTATION AND TRANSFER OF CARE  - By the College of Midwives of British Columbia  " Whenever meconium is present where the membranes rupture so close to the time of birth that transport from home to hospital would be unsafe and a timely consult is not possible, the midwife in attendance must always be prepared to intubate any nonvigorous newborn as per the Neonatal Resuscitation Program."

The Case for Physiological Breech Birth by Jessica Austin

Cord Clamping
Magical Umbilical Cords (great photos )
Twin Photo  Delayed Cord Clamping
90 Seconds to Change the World - Alan Greene

Pelvic Floor
Prepare to Push - Pelvic floor health and healing
Bellies Inc.  and Bellies Inc. on Facebook

Cervical Exams/ 
The "C" Word by Jessica Austin

Membrane Sweeps

Ultra Sounds 

Gestational Diabetes
Don't Drink the 'Glucola' without Reading the Label - Aviva Romm
G is for Gestational Diabetes - The Modern Doula (Australian, and very many great points made that can be applicable here in BC) 
Blood Sugar Instability & Gestational Diabetes -Pomegranate Midwives

GBS Resources By Jessica Austin
Podcast 10 Myths about GBS  

Physiological Breech Birth By Jessica Austin
Moxa Sticks

Vitamin K
Midwives Informed Consent for Vitamin K
Wise Woman Way Of Birth Vitamin K
Evidence Based Birth Vitamin K

Post Dates
Post Dates info from Ontario Midwives


Breast Crawl Video
Nipple placement and Tongue postion Video


Physical Recovery
Ab Tank  (Which Includes the Core Confidence Video Series)
Core Confidence Video Series

Intact/ Circumcision
Peaceful Parenting Functions of the Foreskin (article)
Quranic Path  Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it? (article)
The American Muslim Did You Know Prophet Muhammad Wasn’t Circumcised? (article)
Cut: Slicing through the Myths Of Circumcision  (images of adult penis, Video)
Circumcision: A Source of Jewish Pain (article)
This is for the Mother

Intact Care of Boys
No Retraction Agreement
How to care for an intact Penis


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