Fitness and Pregnancy

I've done it all.  You know.  I have had the 'fat' pregnancy. The workout like a mad woman pregnancy.  The how is 9 months over pregnancy. And the stop what you are doing and rest pregnancy. 

How do you know which one you are going to have? (along with the many other types of pregnancies there are)  The thing is you don't know until you are in it, or over it for that matter.    Fears of gaining weight, hurting our baby,  or loosing who we are can affect everything we do during those 9 months.   

Here are a few suggestion

Take an assessment of where you are physically right in this moment, and what got you here.    Do you have regular physical activity?   Do you eat well?  Do you get enough water?  Were you on a road to health but have lost your 'umph'?   Were you ever on a road to health? (by the way now is the perfect time to start caring for YOU) There are so many factors that have gotten you to where you are.  If you are happy with yourself, fantastic!  If you'd like to set some improvements for yourself,  Super!  If you feel you are loosing it, lets get you back on track! 

Be honest with yourself.  Set true and realistic expectations of yourself and make a plan to get you where you hope to be. 

First speak positively to yourself.  Give yourself credit where credit is due.  Did you rest when your body needed it?  Did you get up and walk when you could have drove?  Did you choose veggies instead of fries?    Write it down!  Write down 3 things that you are proud you achieved today. Now write down 3 reasons why you want to take care of yourself.  Do you want more energy?  Do you want to live long?  Do you want to grow a healthy baby?  Both of these 3 things can be the same thing every day.  This is YOUR personal journey.  I have included this sheet to help you start.

Journal.  Because pregnancy can put many 'what ifs' on your plate, why not set your plate up for success?!  Journaling your food intake can put hard evidence into perspective.  Eating well is always an option!  I love using My Fitness Pal to journal my food intake. 

Speak to someone.  Did you know they have Dieticians at 811?(free phone call in BC) Have a partner.  Someone you can text/email/speak to daily.  Tell them your struggles, tell them your joys. 

If you need any other helpful tips, You can always contact me!  I enjoy giving referrals to those in our community that have also helped me personally