What Does a Doula Do?

Well there are so many talents, past, and education behind every Doula that their passions and knowledge are so diverse.  So I am going to tell you what THIS Doula Does.

I work for you.  You are my boss.  You may know what you want me to do for you, or maybe I could surprise you with what tricks I have up my sleeve (or really in my Doula bag) I am committed to the possibilities you set for yourself,   so let me give you a bit of insight to what I can bring to your pregnancy and birthing time.

I start as soon as I am hired I can help you explore and discuss many ideas.

Before Birth
I will...

before and after birth

~discuss what care provider is best for the pregnancy and birth you want.
~Discuss the benefits of a planned home birth, along with risks, misconceptions and outcomes
~be a resource to help keep you comfortable for your pregnancy and birth by finding (alternative) care providers that believe in a healthy body, mind and spirit.
~contribute my knowledge about birth and challenge your ideas too
~tell you to trust your intuition
~encourage you to ask questions, to me, to your care provider, to your friends, to your partner, to yourself
~promote nutritional foods and help you find a way to eat well
~facilitate conversations of keeping sons intact
~research for/with you to help you to make the most informed decision to clarify conflicting information you may receive
~facilitate difficult conversations, be it fear, your desires, and concerns.
~encourage partners to participate in decision making and share ideas of their ideal birth
~promote great communication between you and your care provider(s) so that you know your desires and concerns are heard

During Your Birthing Time
I will...

~translate suggestions and terms from your care provider into language that can be clearly understood by you.
~include and empower your partner to be the best support person for you
~use breathing techniques, visualizations, massage, as comfort to you
~make suggestions on poses and positions for well-being and make suggestions for sleep and rest( yes, you can sleep during your birthing time!)
~assist with older sibling at the birth
~Promote that your partner is the best support person for you
~believe in you and your body to birth your baby
~be hands on and put myself into positions so that you are most comfortable.
~encourage you to stay at home as long as you are comfortable (if planning a hospital birth)
~reassure you and express normality in a homebirth or hospital birth setting
~ask questions to your care provider(s) so that you can gain insight to recommendations

After Birth
I will...

~help to ensure your views and wishes are respected
~explain in real time procedures that are being carried out on baby while they are happening
~believe in breastfeeding
~promote rest
~teach you skills that will allow the rest to happen be it your 1st or 4th child.
~help to instill confidence in your intuition (this starts way before birth)
~offer to clean, cook, entertain your children, talk, nurture and share my knowledge of early days at home
~support you in asking and receiving help from friends, family and neighbours.

What does a Doula Do? Michelle Tyliakos

These are many of the most important things I do as a Doula… but I know there are just so many to list.  I truly believe that it’s my job to promote great communication and connection with you, your baby and all those that support you.  I believe that communicating in depth during the prenatal visits we can remove any feelings or fear surrounding birth, allowing for a smoother ride into parenthood. If after birth something didn't go the way you expected, we will work though the challenges, feelings and fear and set you up for the best possible success.    Please take a look at my packages, or contact me to ask me questions.  I would love to share my work with you.  If you know anyone who could benefit from a Doula, Please share this post. 

With Love..
Michelle Tyliakos

Affirming Birthing Videos

If you don't know already,  I am a birthing video junkie! 

I find this collection open, honest, beautiful, calm and joyous visions of birth.  Most often they are home births.  I feel that we have had enough exposure to hospital births on media and I want to counter act the views by sharing my favourite stories with you.  It's not because I disagree with hospital birth, it's because I want to share the vision how birth can be. I am hoping that it may even add your ideas of birth!   Maybe all you know are the horror stories,  or the versions seen on movies or tv.  Perhaps you are considering a homebirth but are not sure what that looks like.    Well, these are versions of what birth can entail and each one is so different!  I've given a short description of each video.  I feel these can be appropriate for younger eyes (and ears)  especially if you are hoping to have younger siblings around during your birthing time.   

It's hard for me to pick my favourite from these... but I have a favourite moment in each and every one!   I love the mother who has dinner at the table with her birthing team, and the mother who is ecstatic that she birthed her baby on the kitchen floor!  I love the discovery of finding out if it's a boy or a girl, and the shear joy of 'I just had a baby'!    I am awed by the care providers who didn't speak, touch the baby, or even ask the mother to move until 5 minutes after the birth.  I notice the affirmations around a birthing room,  and the siblings discovering their baby.  I listen for the vocal tones of the mother,  maybe she is quiet, moaning, primal, or high pitched utter joy.   

There are many moments that I hope you have a chance to discover.  I encourage you to ask yourself questions. 
What resonates with you? 
What are you fearful of? 
What new idea did you learn? 
Was there anything you didn't think possible?  
What would you like as a part of your birth plan? 
What were you told about your last birth that could be proven different?
By looking for some deep rooted answers,  you may be able to discover what you truly believe about birth.  None of it which is wrong, right, or the only way.... it's your perception.   

Enjoy.... and I hope you learn something about yourself in these beautiful visions.

The natural birth centre birth of Daisy Emmeline
Blood. No noise. Siblings during birth. Birth Centre. Low/no interventions. Discovering newborn

Ullie: Born at Home
Pool, noise, low/no interventions, affirmations, Homebirth, blood, siblings after birth, discovering newborn, breastfeeding, New baby care

Austen's Amazing Homebirth + Natural Birth {Leaves of My Tree}
homebirth, siblings at birth. Quick birth, low/no interventions, noise

Welcoming Theodore
Waterbirth, low/no intervention, siblings afterbirth, breastfeeding, discovering newborn

Sage's birth
Waterbirth, low/no interventions, newborn care, breastfeeding, homebirth

The Home Birth of Lemma Maria
homebirth, waterbirth, noise, newborn care, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, low/no interventions,

Sawyer - Hospital Birth Apple Blossom Families Birth Photography
Hospital birth, monitoring, bath, sterile water injections, Epidural, newborn care

Baby D, A Birth Story
Homebirth, waterbirth, walking outside, dinner, noise, breastfeeding, newborn care,

waterbirth, homebirth, siblings at birth, noise, placenta, newborn care, low/no intervention

My Beautiful Home Water Birth
waterbirth, homebirth, low/no intervention,

Birth Footage (pushing through postpartum)  (click on the title if the video is not showing on your screen)
waterbirth, homebirth, siblings, noise, low/no intervention,

Birth of Frankie
siblings before birth, water birth, home birth, noise, low/no intervention, siblings after birth, burning the cord, herbal bath, newborn care

Our First Home Water Birth- Labor & Delivery
waterbirth, homebirth, quick birth, blood, pitocin shot afterbirth, placenta, siblings after birth, newborn care

homebirth after caesarean
noise, HBAC, waterbirth, siblings before birth, siblings after birth, affirmations, low/no interventions

Natural Water Birth
noise, waterbirth, siblings after birth, birthing centre, 42+ weeks (post term), 10lbs 7 oz, hypnobirthing, no intervention

I do not own any of these videos,  the titles are the originals and  posted either on Youtube of Vimeo.