Am I Busy?

I am having a thrill with my business.  People have been asking

  1. “how is it going?”
  2.  “Are you busy?”

These questions have sparked something inside and I have noticed something about myself. Here are my answers.

  1. Awesome!
  2. No, I am not busy

My question is, does busy mean success? I think for many it does. And what is everyone’s idea of busy? (more clients? Up and running with 6 clients a month? busy =more money) I realize that busy is just a state of mind.  I often pretend that I am ‘too busy’ to commit to something, too busy for my kids, too busy for my husband, too busy for a friendly invite, too busy to keep my house clean…busy, busy, busy   Guess what? That holds me back!  I don’t have time for playing, I don’t have time for thinking, I don’t have time for cleaning the house, the list goes on, and it’s overwhelming to be like that.  The excuse of being busy holds me back from focusing on what I really want from life. 

Being a Doula,  I cannot be busy, not even a little busy.  I have a dedication to each of my clients to listen, respect, and support them.  How can I rush that? How can I fill my schedule with client after client?  It wouldn’t make sense to rush myself or them.  And it is inconceivable to rush a woman’s birthing time.   I have committed to 1 client a month (potentially 2 in special circumstances)  The job requires my full attention, empathy, knowledge and service.

I have also realized now that I am NOT too busy to take care of myself, play with my kids, listen to their joys and sorrows.  I am not too busy for a husband who makes me so happy. And I am not too busy for you. I reflect on everyone who has contributed to my life, and I owe it to myself, to share the best of me.

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