This Is For The Mother

This is for the mother…

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  • who is 'leaving the decision to the dad'. 

  • who hasn't thought about it.

  • that believes a cut penis is better for their son's health. 

  • who believes that staying intact is the right thing to do. 

  • who is having a girl. 

  • who lives in a high population of circumcision practice. 

  • who doesn't want to comment, and wants to learn more.

  • who is afraid to speak up.

  • who doesn’t have an opinion.

  • who has an older son who has been cut.

  • who wants the courage to share her beliefs

Under here I will be adding resources from time to time. If you question if this is right for your son, or your feel that you have no voice, please send me a message.

Many moms have guilt after the procedure has happened.... and its ok to talk about it and make new choices in the future.<3 
as always much love to you all.



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