There is not much that I am hard and set on in world of motherhood,  but there is one thing I make all my new mothers do.  Ok, are you ready?  Hold up your right hand.  (or wait, is it your left?)  place you other hand on your belly and say….

“I_____INSERT NAME HERE_____  Vow not to say NO for the first weeks of motherhood.”

Now of course I don’t want you to take this literally, but I do want you to be aware of what you are really saying when someone asks if you need anything.  We tend to not want to burden others so we instinctively say no.  I want you to get in the habit of saying yes.  Do you need anything? YES Do you want me to pick something up? YES Do you need help? YES Can I clean something YES, YES YES!   (ok lets not get too excited there) 

Seriously though, I feel as a new mom, may it be baby #1 or Baby #5 you need to  be able to sit on your tush, lay in bed or rest as much as possible so that you and your baby get to know each other.  So that you don’t feel the need to be supermom from day 1. So that you realize you are human, and you do need help, and its OKAY to accept it.   So that you build up your community of support from day one. 

It actually feels good for others to help.  We all want to contribute to the wellness of our friends and family.  If we are clear on what we need, then it’s so easy to participate.  I have a list here for easy ideas on how you can ask for help.  They are so simple, but can make such a huge impact on your day.  This list is here for quick ideas, something that your brain may not be able to think of with lack of sleep, or other issues you may be concerned about.  This list just helps to lighten the load.   

Tasks that are completed may not be up to your standards, or maybe they aren’t the way you would do it,  but that is ok.  You have a lifetime ahead of you to do it the way you want.  Sit back and relax, put your feet up, drink that warm cup of coffee and enjoy friendship and those simple gestures that you will remember. 

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