My Trip to Doula~hood.

Why did it take me so long to become a Doula?  Well, to tell you the truth, I may be quite observant, but when it comes to myself, I really need the universe to Hold up a sign right in front of my eyes before I think 'Hey,  I think the universe is trying to tell me something.' 

11 years ago I became pregnant for the first time.  I knew nothing.. really.  I wanted to go and purchase a pregnancy test the day after I think I conceived. I wanted to get into the doctor 2 weeks after that.  OH I had so much to learn... and I have!

I am so grateful for my first pregnancy,  I had an OB in Alberta.  My second appointment the Dr listened for a heartbeat which he couldn't find.  He said this is only happened twice before and he sent me for an Ultrasound.  I was 12 weeks.  The next day I went in, oblivious to what I was to expect.  The tech sent me home, andthe moment I walked in the door my phone rang, it was my Dr.  and he told me that my baby had died.  I was devastated.  Within a few days I had a D &C and I felt alone.  I felt empty.  I felt hungry for knowledge.    And all I wanted to do was hold a baby in my womb and then in my arms. 

In a short time, we moved back to BC and thankfully became pregnant again.  I was in a place of fear.  I didn't want anything to happen to this baby and to the pregnancy.  I researched a lot, but sadly, found the book What to Expect When You Are Expecting.  For every twinge, pang, and stretch I was worried, and this book just instilled that for me even more.   A friend mentioned to me that Midwifery was covered in BC and I by chance got in with a midwife when I was 20 weeks along.  Oh, what a blessing that was!    She helped me stay informed,  let me go of my fears and encouraged me to trust myself and my body.  I fell in love with being pregnant, I wanted to know all there was to know. 

After I had my first, I couldn't stop reading, analyzing and looking up new data and by the time my next pregnancy came along, I knew what I wanted to be different, and I knew what I wanted to stay the same.  

So each time I became pregnant it sparked a new thrill of learning more about my body and my developing baby.  I wanted to know what my choices were, I wanted to make my own decisions and I was supported again by my Midwife.  All this knowledge allowed my husband to also be confident in our decisions. 

September 2014 my 4th baby was born and after my empowering birth I just couldn't stop thinking about being in this field.  I asked my team of midwives how I get into the birth world, and if they think it would be a good idea for me.  One of them looked at me with wide eyes and said 'Michelle, you have asked that after every birth,  You have been talking about this for years!'  Those word were the final push (pun intended)  for me to get intoDoula work!   In March 2015 I became a Certified Doula by the Wise Woman Way of Birth.  Sitting in class I recognized how much knowledge I already acquired, yetI felt this overwhelming sense of excitement about the roll I was about to embark on.

I certainly feel that all these years of personal experience and study will allow me to bring the best of me to my clients.  With5 pregnancies and 4 lovely children, Ihave experienced many different situations, test, emotions,  recommendations, triumphs and defeats.  I have cultivated a belief that birth is normal, women's bodies are powerful and strong and that if there is ever a time to trust your instincts it is now.   I want every mother, and every support person to feel strong in their educated decision,  powerful in their birthing experience and make the transition into parenthood abundant with extraordinary moments.