How To Get the Most Value From Your Doula

What if I have a short labour?  What if I have a midwife?  What if my husband/partner is already my support person?

These are all great questions and reasons to think you may not need a Doula. I had all 3 of those, and heck, it took me 4 of my own births before I realized the value of a great Doula match!   After my first birth I thought, ‘I don’t need a Doula, I know what I am doing now’  But what I didn’t realize was that each pregnancy and birth is completely different.  Each and every scenario may play out in a different way.  And although I knew how to give birth (and I believe every woman does) I didn’t know the questions to ask when in the midst of birth or how having an extra set of hands would be so invaluable with siblings around.

My job starts at our first contact.  I want to know you, I want to know your partner.  When we meet for the first time, I want to answer your questions honestly,  I want to find out more about you too.  At this time, if we feel that we aren’t perfectly matched... that is ok!    Our Doula community is close, and I can help you find someone that will make the best Doula pairing for your needs.  If you would like to hire me, my job will begin almost immediately.

By interviewing and hiring a Doula early, you will receive all the benefits of open communication via text, email and phone during your pregnancy.  This is on top of the 3-4 hours we are going to spend together in your home.  Now why would you want to email me and have me over if I am only there to help with your birth? Well, we have to get to know each other even more.  I want to know your desires and fears.  I want to know what might help you through your pregnancy and birthing time.  I want to know what your perfect birth looks like. I want you to ask me questions, questions and more questions!  Maybe it's something you forgot to ask your Midwife or Doctor.  Or maybe you were presented some information at your last appointment and you aren’t sure what it all means.  My job is to help you decipher it all to make informed decisions.  I am not here to give you medical advice, but just to make plain English of it all.   

During birth I will be there to help not only you but your husband/partner and children.  I believe that a rested partner will be the best support for you.  My job is not only to comfort you during the birthing time, but to ensure your partner takes care of themselves.  Children may need help getting ready for their day, or having a meal put together. It’s my role to constantly assess the scenario and respond with what is needed. My responsibility will be ever changing during this time while keeping the emphasis on Mom’s needs with calm and comfort.

After birth is some of my favourite time.  (well, truly pregnancy, labour and new baby is all of my favourite time)  I believe that there is importance of taking away the strains of life so that Mom and Baby get to know each other in the best way possible.  I believe that rest, help around the house and reassessing expectations will enable Mom and baby to have the best start to breastfeeding while lowering complications that can come with stress.  

As with everything, the best value doesn’t always come from the cheapest or the most expensive.  Be sure to shop around for a Doula, ask questions in an interview that will give you the answers you need to find the best match.  Value comes from hiring the right Doula for you, and hiring early. 

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