This Is For The Mother

This is for the mother…

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  • who is 'leaving the decision to the dad'. 

  • who hasn't thought about it.

  • that believes a cut penis is better for their son's health. 

  • who believes that staying intact is the right thing to do. 

  • who is having a girl. 

  • who lives in a high population of circumcision practice. 

  • who doesn't want to comment, and wants to learn more.

  • who is afraid to speak up.

  • who doesn’t have an opinion.

  • who has an older son who has been cut.

  • who wants the courage to share her beliefs

Under here I will be adding resources from time to time. If you question if this is right for your son, or your feel that you have no voice, please send me a message.

Many moms have guilt after the procedure has happened.... and its ok to talk about it and make new choices in the future.<3 
as always much love to you all.



Evidence Based Birth


Common Misconceptions about Circumcision

Functions of the Foreskin

Cut: Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision

Religion and Circumcision

Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it?

Did You Know Prophet Muhammad Wasn’t Circumcised? Dr. David Liepert

Circumcision: A Source of Jewish Pain  Ronald Goldman

Christianity & Circumcision Resources


Fore Thoughts A letter from a Midwife to her Clients


An interview with renowned midwife Gloria Lemay, advocate for birth freedom, breastfeeding and genital integrity for all children. Gloria talks about discussing protecting genital integrity with parents to be.
If You're Not Jewish, and You're Circumcised, You Need to Watch This Video.
Visit Ryan's site here: This video is also available here: What is infant circumcision? Why is the practice common in U.S. hospitals and not in other countries? What does it remove and how does that affect the child? Does scientific data suggest that circumcision has benefits?

The Way I Choose To Birth Does Matter

We all have ideas of what our birth will look like… or we have an image of a dream birth. We have expectations and this is how they often play out.

1. We share our dream and have an amazing team, wicked support and informed choices to help us achieve that dream. We walk into parenthood feeling powerful and strong. 
2. We share our dream, get shot down by our insurance, our doctor, our partner or misinformation and we transition into parenthood doubtful, worried and don’t trust ourselves as mothers
3. We have a dream, we don’t share it because we are afraid of getting shot down by those in #2 and we don’t even try. We have our baby, disappointed and upset (and maybe traumatized) at the way our birth went… not because it was a ‘bad’ experience, but because our voice wasn’t even heard by the world. We went with the flow handing all our power to the care providers, fear, lack of knowledge and worry.

What happens when we sacrifice what we want? When we make up that we should do it another way because our partner doesn’t understand? That our insurance won’t let us go to that place? That our doctor does not ‘allow’ us to do certain things? We hand over our power instead of communicating, sharing our desires and really finding out what is true for OURSELVES.

Each dream birth is going to be different for each individual. And this is NOT about getting it right! And this is NOT about having a totally natural vaginal birth. It’s about using our voices in the face of fear. It’s about trusting ourselves as strong mothers who instinctively know what is right for ourselves and our babies. It’s about asking QUESTIONS to get clear on what is right for you. Its about doing all of this and knowing that you and your baby are safe.

Who wants to transition into motherhood with feelings of upset, doubt and an unsatisfactory birth for the sake of someone else or fear?

This is the ONLY time in your life you are going to birth this baby. Why not commit to a birth that you feel powerful in?! A healthy and happy mother is what the family deserves!

If you want to plan a powerful birth schedule a call. No matter where you are in the world, you and your birth do matter <3

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Pain Transformed

It's been 12 years.   12 years since my miscarriage and I still hold this day close to my heart.  I hold it, without an reminder on my phone,  without anyone else telling me,  it's a day I never forget.  

I have a box that I keep memories about my 12 week pregnancy.  In it,  a little lamb,  the announcement of my pregnancy and emails about our bad news.    I read them again today, and in all honesty I am grateful.   I am grateful for the replies.  Messages of warmth,  messages of condolence and love,  and messages reaffirming my strength.    On a day where I could sit in sadness for what never was,  I sit in gratitude about what is. 

I am grateful that this experience happened to me, what it put me through, and how this little soul taught me such huge life lessons.  
I am grateful for the  deep sadness and anger I went through and the struggles I face when trying to conceive our next child.  
I am grateful for being reminded of my husband's strength to not only loose the same baby, but to support me through my emotional and physical pain of an empty womb.  
I am grateful for the acknowledgement I have received over the years that my baby did exist,  and that people care about that little person.
I am grateful that my children now talk about the baby that came before them.  
I am grateful for the time I get to reflect  on how I have grown,  who I have become and what motherhood means to me.  

12 years seems like a lifetime ago,  and if I had read this then, I may have not wanted to hear my own word.  I just sit here knowing that the pain which seemed to encompass my whole world hasn't changed in size,  but that I, as a woman, mother, and wife have grown so much and the pain has transformed to gratitude, acceptance and love

What Does a Doula Do?

Well there are so many talents, past, and education behind every Doula that their passions and knowledge are so diverse.  So I am going to tell you what THIS Doula Does.

I work for you.  You are my boss.  You may know what you want me to do for you, or maybe I could surprise you with what tricks I have up my sleeve (or really in my Doula bag) I am committed to the possibilities you set for yourself,   so let me give you a bit of insight to what I can bring to your pregnancy and birthing time.

I start as soon as I am hired I can help you explore and discuss many ideas.

Before Birth
I will...

before and after birth

~discuss what care provider is best for the pregnancy and birth you want.
~Discuss the benefits of a planned home birth, along with risks, misconceptions and outcomes
~be a resource to help keep you comfortable for your pregnancy and birth by finding (alternative) care providers that believe in a healthy body, mind and spirit.
~contribute my knowledge about birth and challenge your ideas too
~tell you to trust your intuition
~encourage you to ask questions, to me, to your care provider, to your friends, to your partner, to yourself
~promote nutritional foods and help you find a way to eat well
~facilitate conversations of keeping sons intact
~research for/with you to help you to make the most informed decision to clarify conflicting information you may receive
~facilitate difficult conversations, be it fear, your desires, and concerns.
~encourage partners to participate in decision making and share ideas of their ideal birth
~promote great communication between you and your care provider(s) so that you know your desires and concerns are heard

During Your Birthing Time
I will...

~translate suggestions and terms from your care provider into language that can be clearly understood by you.
~include and empower your partner to be the best support person for you
~use breathing techniques, visualizations, massage, as comfort to you
~make suggestions on poses and positions for well-being and make suggestions for sleep and rest( yes, you can sleep during your birthing time!)
~assist with older sibling at the birth
~Promote that your partner is the best support person for you
~believe in you and your body to birth your baby
~be hands on and put myself into positions so that you are most comfortable.
~encourage you to stay at home as long as you are comfortable (if planning a hospital birth)
~reassure you and express normality in a homebirth or hospital birth setting
~ask questions to your care provider(s) so that you can gain insight to recommendations

After Birth
I will...

~help to ensure your views and wishes are respected
~explain in real time procedures that are being carried out on baby while they are happening
~believe in breastfeeding
~promote rest
~teach you skills that will allow the rest to happen be it your 1st or 4th child.
~help to instill confidence in your intuition (this starts way before birth)
~offer to clean, cook, entertain your children, talk, nurture and share my knowledge of early days at home
~support you in asking and receiving help from friends, family and neighbours.

What does a Doula Do? Michelle Tyliakos

These are many of the most important things I do as a Doula… but I know there are just so many to list.  I truly believe that it’s my job to promote great communication and connection with you, your baby and all those that support you.  I believe that communicating in depth during the prenatal visits we can remove any feelings or fear surrounding birth, allowing for a smoother ride into parenthood. If after birth something didn't go the way you expected, we will work though the challenges, feelings and fear and set you up for the best possible success.    Please take a look at my packages, or contact me to ask me questions.  I would love to share my work with you.  If you know anyone who could benefit from a Doula, Please share this post. 

With Love..
Michelle Tyliakos

Hiring a Doula Early For The Unexpected

Although no family wants to think about what could go wrong in pregnancy, it is a situation that some of us have faced, and the news can hit hard like a freight train. It is something we are not prepared for. You could be going through a miscarriage, you could have been told your baby is going to die shortly after birth.  You may have been told you child has genetic conditions that are not sustainable with life.  You may have been told your baby no longer has a heartbeat.   There are so many scenarios that can lead us to need quick immediate support that isn’t close to our due date.  

Having a woman with you through this time of grief may contribute to your whole experience. It's not something that we want to acknowledge, but reaching out immediately to your support person or Doula will be a shoulder that is a rock in the time of grief.  Having a Doula that knows what may happen, questions to ask and procedures that may need explaining will help you and your partner get clear communication in a time where nothing seems clear

If you are considering hiring a Doula, hiring one early could be beneficial for many reasons. (many have their own library, phone call support, will go to appointments with you etc)  Here are a few questions that could be beneficial to asking on your phone call with a Doula.

How will you support me if my pregnancy were to end early?
How would you support me if this was an expected death of my baby?
How would you support me if after I have given birth or miscarried?
I have lost a baby in my previous pregnancy, how will you be here for me this time?


I want you to know that many Doulas will support you through these times.  And hiring a Doula early will ensure that you have that support in place should something happen.  She will be the one you call when you have received the bad news, or you discover on your own that your baby is not going to make it.  Should you find yourself in this position,  reach out to your doula and take a brief look at my services.  

Much love 


The Loss of My Baby

It never actually occurred to me or my husband that once we were pregnant that we could actually loose that baby.  Yes, we were aware that we shouldn't tell people we were pregnant until 12 weeks (which I realized shortly after,  I needed more people to know about my baby)  but the truth of it all really didn't set in until it was happening to us.  

It was my first pregnancy, and we were so super excited for what the future had in store for us!  We were going to be parents!  My belly was going to grow big and round with the little person warm inside.  Our dreams had started the moment we saw the + sign on that pregnancy test and we were on to the next step of our lives.  

That was, until my 2nd appointment with the Dr.  I went in expecting the Dr. to find the heartbeat and he couldn’t, which at 12 weeks can sometimes happen.  He sent me for and Ultrasound just to check and I went in that same day.  I wasn’t overly worried, and I didn’t know what to expect as I had never had an ultrasound before.  The technician was nice and I left knowing that my Dr. would call.  That is when I started to worry, and on the drive home I started to go to that place in my mind.  The place where I am telling myself everything is ok, but truly I knew deep down that it was not.  I didn’t care if my baby had 2 heads, was sick, or had abnormalities… I just wanted THAT baby.  The moment I walked in the door my phone rang, and it was my Dr. with the terrible news that my baby had no heartbeat.  

I was devastated.  My dreams were crushed, my future ruined and I felt I couldn’t escape my body.  I cried.  A lot.  And it seemed to happen to have the worst timing because it was 1 week before Christmas.  I went through a ton of emotion at this time.  I was mad.  Sad. Hurt. Lost. Scared.    I got angry, pissed off.  Why? How?   All I wanted was a baby to fill my womb. I was pissed off at the pregnant woman I saw who was smoking outside the hospital.  I was mad at women who abused their own bodies with drugs.  I was angry at mothers who neglected their children.  I was just MAD! 

The sun seemed to set on my hopes and dreams for many months the winter I lost my baby.

The sun seemed to set on my hopes and dreams for many months the winter I lost my baby.

This is a time where I became very isolated.   I was lonely and I felt that no one really knew what I was going through.  I wanted to talk to someone. I wanted someone to talk to me.  I wanted someone to acknowledge my baby and I wanted people to acknowledge my loss.  I wanted to cry with a friend or a family member.  Don’t get me wrong, I did receive loving wishes, flowers and I know I talked about my experience.   But I felt that because it was the holiday season, that my little baby was overlooked, that she/he didn’t matter.  No one brought up my baby in conversation, and that was hard for me.  That being said, I didn’t bring my baby up in conversation because I knew it was also hard for my friends. 

I waited to try and get pregnant again.  It was a mission.  I was obsessed and it just had to happen.  And each month that went by the cycle of emotion would play over and over.  Hopeful for 1 to 2 weeks.  Then I would feel like I was having symptoms of pregnancy only to get my period and be more than disappointed.  It was sadness, a loss each month and anxiety about the future.  

It was a really difficult time in my life.  Now, many years later,  I love that baby still.  I am on the other side now.  I can cry occasionally for the little life that I lost, and it also touches my heart deeply when people acknowledge my baby now.  I am inspired by that little life that lived inside just a couple of months.  He or she has brought me to a place where I can expand my caring, empathy and connection with other women, partners, family and friends who have lost.  I am not scared anymore, I am not mad anymore.  I am not fearful to ask those questions difficult questions.  ‘Does your heart still ache?’  ‘How does it feel?’  ‘How are you REALLY doing?’  ‘Please tell me more.’  We have so much more room for growth and empathy when we can ask those questions to the ones we love and care about.  We can also learn so much about ourselves, when we are in a position to reach out and say ‘Hey, I am really in a sh*tty place right now,  I need someone to listen to me.  Can you sit with me a while?’  It takes courage to have these conversations and there is no clock to when the grieving is complete.  It doesn’t matter what side of grief you are on.  Talking, sharing, listening and acknowledging is such a privileged place to be in midst of it all.

If you are grieving the loss of a baby or you support someone who has, I ask you to visit In Our Hearts.  Minette from Birth Of Hope and I hold monthly gatherings in the Tri-Cities for women who have lost babies in pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth and neonatal death. We create a safe place to listen, share, and connect.   In Our Hearts is also in the process of expanding to different communities in the Lower Mainland.  And because we know that the loss of a baby can impact so many we will plan future gatherings for partners, families and friends, adoptive families and anyone who feels the need to be heard.

If you or someone you know is in grief, reach out.  If you don’t know what to say… it’s ok. Sometimes sitting in silence is the best way to start.  
With love….



Source: thelossofmybaby

Nutritious Beginings

Fresh or frozen food is a great way to prepare for baby.  Keeping mother nourished easily so she can concentrate on loving her baby is one of the best gifts that she can receive.  I guarantee it'll touch her in ways that other gifts cannot.   I recently spent  5 days ill in bed and when a neighbour lovingly offered to cook a meal for my family, I accepted.  I knew that it would fill my belly, my home with love, and my heart with warmth.  And that it did. So consider making a  meal for anyone expecting a baby,  someone who is ill,  a friend going through a loss  or just to make someone's day.  

I often get asked what are the best meals to make.  I have collected some of my favourite family meals and put them all in one spot.  I'll make these meals in larger quantities so that I have left over in my own to freeze to use on a busy night.   I am a huge fan of my crockpot and use it multiple times a week too!  I hope you find some inspiration for yourself and for someone who could use a good nutritious meal! 


food for a new mother

Food To Freeze

Greek Lentils Fakes is a great meal and it's a favourite in our house!  

Smoky Tomato Lentil Soup with Spinach and Olives.   YUMM Delish!  Plus, lentils are so great for a mother as they are higher in iron and great for any blood loss. 

Do you think I am a fan of lentils?   Here is another one!  With squash and beets.  I haven't actually tried this one yet,  but it is high on my list to make the Spiced Lentil Soup !

Italian Orzo Spinach Soup is so delicious!  

Another family favourite,  we've always used sausage instead of chicken.  Kale Chickpea and chicken Soup with Rosemary Croutons

This one is so easy, all you have to do is cook the Quinoa,  put it in a oven dish and Mom can do the rest!  Quinoa Enchilada Casserole 


Mozzarella, Tomato Avocado Salad This is so delicious and simple!

Roasted Chickpeas and Cucumber Salad.  Just the thought of this one brings me to sweet summer with the refreshing taste 

Avocado and White Bean Salad  As you can figure out,  I love beans.  I love tomato.  I love avocado.  A perfect combination!

The Best Lentil Salad Ever  I haven't tried this one yet, because it took me a long time to find Du Puy lentils. Add this to a base of Arugula and I can't wait!

Fresh to Serve

Summer Vegetarian Tacos with Avocado Cream  Veggies and Feta!  This is seriously YUM!



Affirming Birthing Videos

If you don't know already,  I am a birthing video junkie! 

I find this collection open, honest, beautiful, calm and joyous visions of birth.  Most often they are home births.  I feel that we have had enough exposure to hospital births on media and I want to counter act the views by sharing my favourite stories with you.  It's not because I disagree with hospital birth, it's because I want to share the vision how birth can be. I am hoping that it may even add your ideas of birth!   Maybe all you know are the horror stories,  or the versions seen on movies or tv.  Perhaps you are considering a homebirth but are not sure what that looks like.    Well, these are versions of what birth can entail and each one is so different!  I've given a short description of each video.  I feel these can be appropriate for younger eyes (and ears)  especially if you are hoping to have younger siblings around during your birthing time.   

It's hard for me to pick my favourite from these... but I have a favourite moment in each and every one!   I love the mother who has dinner at the table with her birthing team, and the mother who is ecstatic that she birthed her baby on the kitchen floor!  I love the discovery of finding out if it's a boy or a girl, and the shear joy of 'I just had a baby'!    I am awed by the care providers who didn't speak, touch the baby, or even ask the mother to move until 5 minutes after the birth.  I notice the affirmations around a birthing room,  and the siblings discovering their baby.  I listen for the vocal tones of the mother,  maybe she is quiet, moaning, primal, or high pitched utter joy.   

There are many moments that I hope you have a chance to discover.  I encourage you to ask yourself questions. 
What resonates with you? 
What are you fearful of? 
What new idea did you learn? 
Was there anything you didn't think possible?  
What would you like as a part of your birth plan? 
What were you told about your last birth that could be proven different?
By looking for some deep rooted answers,  you may be able to discover what you truly believe about birth.  None of it which is wrong, right, or the only way.... it's your perception.   

Enjoy.... and I hope you learn something about yourself in these beautiful visions.

Ullie: Born at Home
Pool, noise, low/no interventions, affirmations, Homebirth, blood, siblings after birth, discovering newborn, breastfeeding, New baby care

Austen's Amazing Homebirth + Natural Birth {Leaves of My Tree}
homebirth, siblings at birth. Quick birth, low/no interventions, noise

Sage's birth
Waterbirth, low/no interventions, newborn care, breastfeeding, homebirth

The Home Birth of Lemma Maria
homebirth, waterbirth, noise, newborn care, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, low/no interventions,

Sawyer - Hospital Birth Apple Blossom Families Birth Photography
Hospital birth, monitoring, bath, sterile water injections, Epidural, newborn care

My Beautiful Home Water Birth
waterbirth, homebirth, low/no intervention,

Birth Footage (pushing through postpartum)  (click on the title if the video is not showing on your screen)
waterbirth, homebirth, siblings, noise, low/no intervention,

Birth of Frankie
siblings before birth, water birth, home birth, noise, low/no intervention, siblings after birth, burning the cord, herbal bath, newborn care

Our First Home Water Birth- Labor & Delivery
waterbirth, homebirth, quick birth, blood, pitocin shot afterbirth, placenta, siblings after birth, newborn care

homebirth after caesarean
noise, HBAC, waterbirth, siblings before birth, siblings after birth, affirmations, low/no interventions

Natural Water Birth
noise, waterbirth, siblings after birth, birthing centre, 42+ weeks (post term), 10lbs 7 oz, hypnobirthing, no intervention

I do not own any of these videos,  the titles are the originals and  posted either on Youtube of Vimeo. 


Follow these links for more videos

Baby D, A Birth Story
Homebirth, waterbirth, walking outside, dinner, noise, breastfeeding, newborn care,

waterbirth, homebirth, siblings at birth, noise, placenta, newborn care, low/no intervention

Adoption~ A Birthday Gift 38 Years Later

I grew up in a loving home with my fair share of mistakes, growth and joy.  I knew I was adopted and that my birth mother had a 6 year old boy at that time.  I always felt wanted and that I was extra special because I was chosen by my parents. The way I was raised never left me feeling as an outsider or abandoned.  

I never felt the impulse to look for my birth mother, I mean really… I have enough kids of my own,  concerns and worries to deal with. Did I really want to take on more?   I always thought that I would feel that urge to find them, such as when I got married, or when I had my first child, but those moments happened and the feelings never came up.

Until recently.

I have had some recent very profound changes in my life, and I set a possibility to thank the woman who put me up for adoption.  I didn’t know if she was alive, a drug addict, or a lawyer.  I didn’t know if she went on to have a large family where no one knew of me, if it were a secret, or if she was an open book much like myself.  Setting my intention of THANKS would make a difference in my world, and I only hope hers too.  I could say it, and if she heard me, great. If she didn't hear me that was ok too. So I sent off my request to the government on October 19th.   My parents were by my side when I received the envelope back on Thursday November 19th.  We opened it up, looked at the names, imagined who these names belonged to and started searching on the first place I knew where to go.  Facebook.  

I looked at the unique last name while staring at faces and pictures wondering if these people looked like me.  I knew the key to finding my birth mother was my older brother.  So I messaged 2 people with local roots asking if they knew the woman I was searching for. I had also phoned 2 people in the phone book and both didn’t know who I was talking about.  On Saturday, I received a call from the first person I sent a message to. (Less than 36 hours later) I asked him if he knew her , and before I could finish my sentence he said ‘I know who you are, I know who you are, I know who you are”  He said “I am your brother and I can tell who you are from your picture." 

We talked, we inquired, we laughed and he was so excited to share this news.  

Later that evening My birth mother called, we were both so nervous, and I wanted her to hear my intention of gratitude.  “I wanted to say thank you for changing my life” When my life seemed as though it was going to follow one route, she literally altered it to a new direction. I commend her because she had a 6 year old boy and knew how hard it could be raising another child, but she also knew the joys, laughter, and proud moments she would be giving up. As we talked and cried, I could hear the weight come off her shoulders, her voice opened and her laughter was pure. (and its much like mine!) 

I understood more deeply the reasoning for placing me under adoption.  I learned of details surrounding my birth, and how she didn't even have a chance to see me after I was born.  I acknowledge her commitment to the circumstances and how it also has changed her life.

We talked many times over the next few days to realize that she and I  live close. A week after my first inquiry, we arranged to have her over for dinner. I was more nervous that day than I had been all week!  I wanted it to go well and I arranged for Greek food to be delivered.  What do you know,  the food and My birth mother showed up at the door at the same time!  As the delivery guy was trying to hand me bread, I said ‘you need to move,  I am need to give this woman a hug!’ He had no idea what was going on, but it broke the ice and we could move on with our evening.  All the nerves and worry was pushed aside and we realized something… Turns out that we are both human! Who woulda thunk it!?  We both had the same fears and when we could get over that we could open up to hear each other stories and journeys that have brought us to today.  Learning about her, and the 38 years that she had lived holding this close to her heart allowed me to feel compassion and truly hear what has happened in her life.  

We continue to talk often and I have heard her come more alive each time.  I have realized the power that I am able to share and allowing her the space to let go of questions and potentially guilt.  I speak with my 'new' brother often and I also feel that this has allowed him and her to open up in their communication with each other. I am so grateful that they are both able to contribute to my life positively and openly.  The journey has just begun and there are no regrets on my part.  The past is what it is, and we are lucky enough to start from nothing and create a powerful future.    

I can say honestly that I am happy in all areas of my life.  I claim my present moments and expect only what I make of the future. It includes not only 2 new people but those that are close to them.  It includes my parents, my younger brother, my husband and kids.  It includes those that are friends, extended family and community.  It includes open communication, love, compassion, and heart.  It includes fun, laughter and a sense of ease.  

Most of all it contains gratitude.  For what I have, and what I can create.


I want to send out a wonderful thank you to my friend and Doula, Minette.  She was wonderful and kind enough to take these photos of us and I am so glad that she did.  I had never hired a photographer for any of my births, but this event is a birth of possibilities, and Minette captured it for us. Behind the camera is a caring, generous and smiling woman! Please visit her on her Birth Of Hope website and say hello.

Am I Busy?

I am having a thrill with my business.  People have been asking

  1. “how is it going?”
  2.  “Are you busy?”

These questions have sparked something inside and I have noticed something about myself. Here are my answers.

  1. Awesome!
  2. No, I am not busy

My question is, does busy mean success? I think for many it does. And what is everyone’s idea of busy? (more clients? Up and running with 6 clients a month? busy =more money) I realize that busy is just a state of mind.  I often pretend that I am ‘too busy’ to commit to something, too busy for my kids, too busy for my husband, too busy for a friendly invite, too busy to keep my house clean…busy, busy, busy   Guess what? That holds me back!  I don’t have time for playing, I don’t have time for thinking, I don’t have time for cleaning the house, the list goes on, and it’s overwhelming to be like that.  The excuse of being busy holds me back from focusing on what I really want from life. 

Being a Doula,  I cannot be busy, not even a little busy.  I have a dedication to each of my clients to listen, respect, and support them.  How can I rush that? How can I fill my schedule with client after client?  It wouldn’t make sense to rush myself or them.  And it is inconceivable to rush a woman’s birthing time.   I have committed to 1 client a month (potentially 2 in special circumstances)  The job requires my full attention, empathy, knowledge and service.

I have also realized now that I am NOT too busy to take care of myself, play with my kids, listen to their joys and sorrows.  I am not too busy for a husband who makes me so happy. And I am not too busy for you. I reflect on everyone who has contributed to my life, and I owe it to myself, to share the best of me.

Check out my Doula Packages to learn more.