Crowning Glory

the best and most notable aspect of something.

I empower expectant families to seek their ideal birth and postpartum by facilitating authentic conversation, challenging preconceived ideas and supporting informed decisions along the way.

My journey began ...2004 when I became pregnant for the first time. Since then I have experienced the loss of early pregnancy and the birth of 4 wonderful children. Each and every time I have discovered new passions in myself that have come during difficult and calm moments. I want to share what I know, and be humbled enough to learn life lessons from mothers, fathers, families and new babies!

After the birth of my last daughter in September 2014 my realization has come full circle. During and between each pregnancy I have spent countless hours researching and examining birth, breastfeeding, pregnancy and early postpartum. I just love this stage in life!! Finally, with words of encouragement from friends, family and those in the birthing community I have decided to go forth with my passions and assist women during this time in life.  I am now a Certified Doula by The Wise Woman Way of Birth.

My perception is that knowledge and true informed consent will allow you to determine your ideas and beliefs.  I will help Mothers with resources to feel physically better, make educated decisions and overcome challenges that may arise. I will be an assistant in birth. I will support and help empower you and those at your side during labour. 

I am especially excited to be helping women post-partum. This can be the difficult part that we often don’t read about until we are in the moment. This is when a mother deserves the most nurturing. She is learning to care for her new baby, adjusting to her new role and still fit in with the rest of the world. She may need help with breastfeeding, rest, caring for siblings or other family members. It is my job to help postpartum so that she can get to know her newborn without the worries of anything else but her and her baby. 

Michelle Tyliakos