These are a few local resources for various birth or pregnancy related issues.  I suggest these people and their companies because I feel that they have similar views as myself and I have been happy with their services supplied to me.   I hope you find the resources here you are looking for.  If you need more help please contact me and I will get you to the right place

Local Business

Krista Langtry is a BCRPA Group FItness Leader and Weight Trainer, and takes a holisitic approach to training clients that meet their individual needs.  She is a Bellies Inc Trainer for the Core Confidence Program, an unique core strengthening system designed for all women at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum. 

Minette is a wonderful Doula and lifestyle photographer.  Her photos capture amazing moments in Maternity, Birthing time and Newborn. Her caring nature,  calm voice and knowledge in birth has lead me to work closely with her.  We have created a relationship that allows for open communication and workability. 778.882.6842

Stacey is a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Holistic Nutritionist that believes nourishing foods and caring support can create a healthy and empowered birth and postpartum experience.  She is also a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor with a special passion to help with breastfeeding concerns.  Stacey offers in-home food doula services to help families prepare meals to have on hand once baby arrives, as well as birth and postpartum doula services.


Optimum Family Chiropractic is 100% focused on creating healthy families. All of our doctors have extra training and certification in pre and post natal care for both mom and baby. Our environment, resources and training are all geared to support a young and growing family’s needs. 778.355.3533