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Planning for a Powerful Birth is a  NEW online Program that is available to women all over the world!  Register and watch the FREE Introduction presentation  to have access to some of the tips I give to women and families enrolled in my program. 

Birthing Banners  is a group of people who want to inspire, affirm and empower pregnant women. We are going to create 100 banners with affirmations from donated material, sewn by mothers and given to pregnant women. The pregnant woman will hang the affirmations where ever she decides to birth inspiring her to know that so many women are with her in heart and strength. After her beautiful baby is born, she can pass on the banner to another pregnant woman, sharing in inspiration, love and connection. The banners will be passed on for years to come!  To contribute supplies, see our next event,  create, or receive a banner join us on Facebook

In Our Hearts  gathers monthly In Vancouver, Bowen Island, Port Moody and Maple Ridge.  We are a peer support group that wants to create community connection through pregnancy loss, planned or unplanned, stillbirth and neonatal death.  Grieving can take many forms, every feeling is a path on your journey.  we invite those to share (if you wish) listen and hear about the resources that are out there for mothers, fathers and families who a in the process of making difficult choices, grieving or wanting to become pregnant again.

 If you'd like to join us please check out  In Our Hearts for updates, support and resources in our community. 
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