After baby arrives there is a big shift in getting to know your little person while at the same time adjusting to your new role as a parent.  You could be doing this for the first time or the 6th time.   I believe that Mother and baby deserve the time to rest and enjoy each other's company, establish a great breastfeeding relationship and release all the worries of the outside world.    You may have a partner that goes back to work early, no other family around, or maybe, as parents, you want to Babymoon and enjoy your new family with less stress.    All these duties are included in the birth packages, or you can hire me as needed.  Call me as needed, or book me ahead of time. 

  • available for 3- 4 hour daytime shifts
  • Support in breastfeeding
  • Supportive care of your newborn
  • Encouragement of resting mother
  • Light cleaning
  • Household chores
  • Nutritious food prep
  • Activities for siblings
  • Errands
  • Processing your birth and reviewing good mental health
  • Resources throughout the community for your special requests


Prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed until signing of a contract.  Payment options are available based on your families needs. I offer gift Certificates!